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Young foster parents

Young foster parents

Young foster parents

In the world of foster parenting, my wife and I have met both young foster parents and those who have been seasoned with years of experience. The thought of caring for foster children isn’t limited to any boundaries, it knows of only one thing and that is to love and take care of children who have had the unfortunate circumstance of not having parents around who could take care of them. The website was developed to help those who are looking to be foster parents and those that are currently involved.


The weight of foster parenting does come with a emotional price and the ability to juggle the struggles that some children will bring to your family will be challenging at times. In some aspects being young foster parents will have it’s advantages such as the ability to roll with the punches easier and adjust quickly to the fast paced world that comes along with fostering. Social workers, court cases, attorneys, therapists, and others who will be in your circle of trust will all take chunks of time from your family. This is where the younger couple that is usually more mobile can adapt better. On the flip side the emotional stamina it takes to handle some of the children will placed could take a toll on the younger less seasoned parent. The years of life experience that parents 40 and up have will be useful in handling situations they will be faced against.


One of the toughest challenges a younger foster couple could also face is the fact that most foster couples will not be in there 20’s and 30’s. This could place them at a slight disadvantage in not having friends who understand their new world. When it’s all said and done, it’s nice to have a circle of friends who have fostered or are fostering so that they could understand the journey of foster parents.


Whether young or old, the challenges will arise just like in anything else in life. Once you’ve made up your mind to approach this new chapter in life, you just have to go for it and not look back. Make up your mind that you will be the best foster parents out there and you’re committed to give children a chance in life.

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